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How Digital Marketplaces Are Disrupting The Insurance Industry

5-Mar-2018 | Aditya Das | Algorithm

The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan alliance to form a new healthcare insurance company has rocked the insurance industry. What does the entry of digital industry players mean for the future of the insurers globally?

Predictive Monthly: Sales Forecasting—How Algorithms Are Putting An End To Guessing

5-Dec-2016 | Pierre Leroux | Algorithm

Predictive analytics is revolutionizing sales forecasting by replacing human inference and bias with models based on machine-learning algorithms.

Predictive Monthly: The One Investment That Manufacturers Should Not Delay

1-Nov-2016 | Pierre Leroux | Algorithm

Predictive analytics is set to undergo rapid adoption as the most important advance that manufacturers need for future competitiveness.

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