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Duct Tape Trumps PowerPoint

2-May-2019 | Bertram Schulte | Agile Methodology

Throw out that stale PowerPoint deck and embrace the only true way of reaching your company’s digital potential: an experimentation culture.

The Illusion Of Agility: Are You Really In Control Of Your Technology Stack?

16-Apr-2019 | Melissa Burns | Agile Methodology

Take control of your tech stack by justifying every addition and having systems in place to ensure that none of these technologies are becoming irrelevant.

IT service management, ITSM, bimodal IT

Bimodal, Trimodal, Multimodal: What Role Does IT Service Management Fulfill?

8-Apr-2019 | Dirk Fuhrmann | Agile Methodology

Ever-faster innovation cycles and increasingly complex IT landscapes make IT service management inevitable.

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