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Agile Projects Are Really Waterfall With Agile

9-Sep-2019 | Paul Dandurand | Agile Development

Most “agile” projects are really agile with some waterfall and process. This is a good thing.

DevOps, ERP, software development

Self-Assessment: Are You Already Doing ERP DevOps?

25-Mar-2019 | James Roberts | Agile Development

Evaluate your organization to see if you're successfully using DevOps processes in your software delivery and if so, your level of maturity.

application development, CIO, IT, application development, agile, software delivery

Five Reasons Why You Need An Agile Delivery Model

11-Feb-2019 | James Roberts | Agile Development

An agile way of managing application changes allows requirements to be delivered to the business in shorter, more frequent releases. So, what's good about that?

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