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Digitalist Flash Briefing: Maine, Margarine, And Mozzarella: Correlation Is Not Causality

17-Apr-2019 | Bonnie D. Graham | AFP

Today’s briefing looks at examples of when correlation is not causality – and implications for business.

data mining, data analytics, statistics, correlation, causation, strategy

Maine, Margarine, And Mozzarella: Correlation Is Not Causality

18-Mar-2019 | Bryan Lapidus | AFP

Data mining is an immensely powerful tool, and enterprises need to use it to look for meaningful correlations while not falling prey to false associations.

Informed Skeptic: How Finance Pros Can Be Good Data Consumers

28-Feb-2019 | Bryan Lapidus | AFP

How can we be better consumers of data and develop more informed skeptics on our finance team? Here are a few ideas.

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