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Ships at port at GoSeong-gun, South Korea

From Bootleggers To Blockchain: Technology In The Ethical Supply Chain

27-Feb-2020 | Diane Pickett | Advanced Analytics

Today's smugglers use sophisticated, technology-enabled supply chains, but new technologies could make it much harder for bad actors to succeed.

Family Checking In At Hotel Reception Desk

What Happens When Experience Management Is A Priority

26-Feb-2020 | Raimar Hoeliner | Advanced Analytics

By listening to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders and acting on that data to improve key experiences, you'll drive loyalty and business growth.

logistics worker is organising dispatch of freight on her interactive digital map whilst talking on her headset.

Digital Supply Chain And Digital Logistics: A Chat With Till Dengel

25-Feb-2020 | Tom Raftery | Advanced Analytics

Till Dengel, global head of Digital Logistics Solution Management at SAP, fills the gaps on digital logistics, what it is, and where it is going.

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