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Retail associate uses predictive analytics to determine inventory mix

Converting Retail Big Data Into Predictive Insights

21-May-2020 | Kurt Ramcharan | Advanced Analytics

Big data analysis can help retailers move forward more confidently with predictive insights delivered quickly and efficiently.

soldiers use a laptop computer for surveillance during a military operation in the desert

The Intelligent Defense Force

19-May-2020 | Matthias Ledwon | Advanced Analytics

Bringing intelligent enterprise principles into the military will lead to data-driven decision-making and more secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems.

Couple sitting on sofa using digital tablet and smartphone

AI For Wealth Management: How Banks Should Prepare

19-May-2020 | Dima Midon | Advanced Analytics

If you want to maximize your returns on IT investments, pursuing innovations in the wealth management space can be your best move.

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