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IoT, manufacturing, supply chain

Using The Internet Of Things To Extend Beyond Factory Walls

15-Dec-2017 | Tanja Rueckert | advanced analytics

IoT initiatives that extend beyond the manufacturer can create dramatic boosts in productivity across the entire supply chain.

IoT security

Internet Of Things: Five Ways To Overcome Security Challenges

15-Dec-2017 | Jay Thoden van Velzen | advanced analytics

Publicity around IoT attacks belies the fact that many are due to failures in implementing basic protections, rather than inherent insecurity of the IoT.

SAP Leonardo, Connected Products, Mill products, Paper & Packaging, Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Suply Network, Connected Devices

Why The IoT Means You'll Never Run Out Of Paper

14-Dec-2017 | Alfred Becker | advanced analytics

Sensors in printers that automatically order paper based on actual consumption, rather than projections, increase efficiency and cut costs.

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