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Finance team benefit from the insight generated through RPA to handle cash management

Optimize Your Cash Applications In Five Simple Steps

22-Oct-2019 | Aleksandra Giera | Accounts Receivable

With the right process and cash applications solution, customer payment behavior no longer needs to be a hurdle that results in manual cash-applications issues.

Finance manager conducts audit check of taxx processing

Five AP Challenges In The Digitalization Of Tax

14-Oct-2019 | Christiaan van der Valk | Accounts Receivable

Automating compliance is a necessity for companies looking to avoid audits, cut costs, and protect supplier relationships and cash flow.

finance, financial close, situation handling, CFO, continuous accounting, continuous improvement

From Handling Situations To Situation Handling

13-Mar-2019 | Matthias Grabellus | Accounts Receivable

Situation handling offers a continuous improvement process to automate routine tasks and spotlight issues requiring immediate attention.

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