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an accountants walks upstairs turning back to reflect on what she has achieved

My Exceptional Accountant Journey

29-Apr-2020 | Susan Parcells | Accounting

As our world becomes more and more complex, accountants will have to expand both their knowledge and their skill sets.

Finance professionals work together at their desks

Artificial Intelligence: What Tasks Can Self-Learning Systems Really Perform For Finance?

15-Jan-2020 | Olivia Marcey | Accounting

Recognize the difference between automation and ML so you won't be fooled by overblown claims about what it can accomplish.

Businessman in full suit using mobile phone and laptop in an office

How Automation Is Changing Financial Services

19-Dec-2019 | Ivona Crnoja | Accounting

CFOs are heavily investing in automation technologies as a next step in the evolution to enable enterprise transformation.

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