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woman assesses data on two large monitors

The Intelligent Enterprise Framework

24-Apr-2019 | Erica Lailhacar | 3rd Platform

The starting gun has sounded, and the race to become an intelligent enterprise is on. Is your business ready?

IoT, digital transformation, digitalization, manufacturing

IoT Today: Be A Disruptor Or Be Disrupted – Look At Your Business In A Whole New Way

21-Sep-2017 | Lorenzo Veronesi | 3rd Platform

As digital transformation becomes a business imperative, more companies are taking action, leaving digitalization laggards behind.

Live Long And Prosper: The Next Generation Of Innovation Accelerators

12-Oct-2016 | Fred Isbell | 3rd Platform

Will the future killer app and technology bring about the same world envisioned by “Star Trek” more than a half century ago?

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