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A Review Of The 2018 Mobile Industry Predictions

10-Jan-2019 | William Dudley | 2018 Business Trends

Mobile industry news and trends didn't disappoint in 2018 – but how well did our crystal ball perform in predicting what they would be?

Top Five CIO Blogs Of March 2018

5-Apr-2018 | Jean Loh | 2018 Business Trends

Want to know where IT is going? Look no further than this roundup of the best-read blogs in the CIO Knowledge section in March.

2018 Project Management Predictions, Rubber Bands, And Dinner

4-Apr-2018 | Paul Dandurand | 2018 Business Trends

Think of your business constraints like a rubber band: It’s flexible and can be stretched a little, but if you go a little too far in two opposing directions, it breaks. When planning a project, prioritize business value goals as well as the objectives to get there.

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