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1 Week to Davos: Ending Poverty With Digital Transformation

14-Jan-2016 | David Jonker | 17 Weeks To Davos

Digital transformation can build a sustainable digital economy, ensure the future of work, and improve life for all around the world.

2 Weeks To Davos: Ensuring More Feast Than Famine

12-Jan-2016 | David Jonker | 17 Weeks To Davos

With careful management across the entire supply chain and with the help of digital technologies, we can ensure enough food for everyone by 2050.

3 Weeks To Davos: We Need To Know Why People Die

7-Jan-2016 | Will Ritzrau and Christine Müller | 17 Weeks To Davos

Increasing the health or well-being of people around the world may require significantly different approaches regionally and locally.

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