The following sources were cited in SAP Digital Futures Issue 04: Makers Shake Up Manufacturing

The 3D printing market will quadruple to US$12 billion by 2025.
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In 2006 the San Francisco MakerFaire attracted 65,000 enthusiasts. Last year 130,000 attended, and another 85,000 attended in New York.
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Today, there are 1,100 hackerspaces around the world giving people access to production tools once available only to corporations.
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Peer-to-peer e-commerce site Etsy’s revenue nearly quadrupled in only 4 years − from US$525 million in 2011 to US$1.9 billion in 2014.
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Crowdfunding campaigns generated US$11.08 billion in 2014. The market will grow to US$93 billion by 2025.
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