The following sources were cited in SAP Digital Futures Issue 01: Direct Your Digital Future

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The cost of sequencing a DNA genome is outpacing Moore’s Law. It could be as low as US$0.01 by 2020 Antonio Regalado, “EmTech: Illumina Says 228,000 Human Genomes Will Be Sequenced This Year,” MIT Technology Review, September 24, 2014, be-sequenced-this-year/ 

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10M autonomous new vehicles per year could be driving on U.S. roads by 2030.
Half of New Vehicles Shipping in North America to Have Driverless, Robotic Capabilities by 2032” (press release),  ABI Research, August 27, 2013, shipping-in-north-america-to-/

In 2000 starting an Internet company cost US$5M. Today it’s less than US$5,000.
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Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar slashed 65% of San Francisco taxi rides in only 15 months.
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47% of U.S. employees are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence within 10 years.
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