The following sources were cited in SAP Digital Futures Issue 06: Blending the Best of People and Machines

The robotics market will grow 9.5% per year to US$66.9B by 2025. Military and industrial uses will be 60% of the total ($US41B). Commercial and personal uses will grow even faster.
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The number of Internet of Things sensors will grow from 14.8B in 2015 to 50B by 2020. “Connections Counter: The Internet of Everything in Motion,” The Network, July 29, 2013,

There will be 200B Internet-connected things in 2030.
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Image, speech, and voice recognition are advancing quickly and may soon surpass human abilities.
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Tactile technology is improving rapidly due to research and development in robot-assisted medicine.
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The nascent virtual reality market will frow to US$30B in the next five years, while augmented reality will be a US$120B business by 2020.
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