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The Human Angle

21-Feb-2018 | By Jenny Dearborn, David Judge, Tom Raftery, and Neal Ungerleider

In a future teeming with robots and artificial intelligence, humans seem to be on the verge of being crowded out. But in reality the opposite is true. To be successful, organizations need to become

Why Strategic Plans Need Multiple Futures

15-Nov-2017 | By Dan Wellers, Kai Goerlich, and Stephanie Overby

When members of Lowe’s Innovation Labs first began talking with the home improvement retailer’s senior executives about how disruptive technologies would affect the future, the presentations were

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Taking Learning Back to School

4-May-2017 | Dan Wellers | Future of Work

  Denmark spends most GDP on labor market programs at 3.3%. The U.S. spends only 0.1% of it’s GDP on adult education and workforce retraining. The number of post-secondary vocational

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