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Hack the CIO

21-Feb-2018 | By Thomas Saueressig, Timo Elliott, Sam Yen, and Bennett Voyles

For nerds, the weeks right before finals are a Cinderella moment. Suddenly they’re stars. Pocket protectors are fashionable; people find their jokes a whole lot funnier; Dungeons & Dragons sound

The Blockchain Solution

21-Feb-2018 | By Gil Perez, Tom Raftery, Hans Thalbauer, Dan Wellers, and Fawn Fitter

In 2013, several UK supermarket chains discovered that products they were selling as beef were actually made at least partly—and in some cases, entirely—from horsemeat. The resulting uproar led to

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Next-Gen Batteries Will Define Our Future

4-Jan-2018 | Dan Wellers | Digital Economy

$480 million: venture investments in battery in first half of 2017 8 minutes: amount of time to charge Toyota’s experimental solid state battery 30,000: number of homes to be powered by world’s

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