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Traffic controller signals to a pilot to change the plane's direction on the tarmac

The Impact Of Intense Disruption On Business Models And Strategic Alternatives (Part 3)

20-May-2020 | Nitin Singh

The current supply-chain crisis is forcing companies to broaden their supply networks to meet demand.

Two co-workers review procurement options on a digital tablet

B2B Digital Marketplaces: Paving The Way Forward In Procurement And Sourcing

19-May-2020 | Sharon Ruddock

Traditional procurement buy cycles are being flipped, with businesses favoring digital buying options that create a quicker and more seamless path to purchase.

Inside a shipping distribution warehouse lined with shelves of boxes

The Impact of Intense Disruption On Business Models: Strategic Alternatives (Part 2)

14-May-2020 | Nitin Singh

Capability analysis identifies what's required to identify alternate sources of supplies and to develop new suppliers in an expedited manner.

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