4 Questions To Ask To Improve Customer Satisfaction In Any Industry

Christopher Koch

Starbucks’ customer experience is vastly different from that of a cement company. But research by my colleague Rob O’Regan has shown that there are four questions to ask your customers about their experiences that are universally helpful across industries and demographics:

  1. Can you rely on us to do what we say we will do?
  2. Are we convenient to deal with?
  3. Are our products, services, and marketing offers relevant to you?
  4. Do we respond to your needs and questions in a timely and helpful way?

That’s it.

The problem, of course, comes when you ask van with company purpose on dooryour customers these four questions and the results that come back are less than stellar. What do you do then?

There are some tools that can help. A great place to start is to map the experiences that customers have from start to finish so that you can look for the trouble spots.

Take the experience map further

Another is to take that concept a bit further and create a map of the internal people, processes, and technologies that shape all of these customer interactions. “Organizations are starting to use these tools to open employees’ eyes and get them to think about customer experience in a more holistic, unified way,” say Kerry Bodine, customer experience expert and coauthor of Outside In.

These tools can also be effective for identifying parts of the experience that are broken, including the transition points within or between channels, and for prioritizing the issues based on how important each one is to both the customer and the business, Bodine adds.

Bodine and other experts gave us more insights on ways to make businesses more responsive to customers in the Q&A Customer Experience: How to Balance Culture and Operations.

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