Do You Work In A Culture Of Learning?

Christine Donato

Prospect MortgageThe success of an organization is dependent on the skills and talents of its employees. Across all industries, in order for any organization to excel, or even function, it must be able to keep employees engaged, retained, and growing.

According to the Workforce 2020 Oxford Economics study, only 50% of the 2,700 executives surveyed feel that their company is retaining, updating, and sharing institutional knowledge. In addition to that discouraging number, only 47% of executives surveyed said that their company maintains a culture of learning.

In addition, only 41% of the 2,700 employees surveyed said that their company offers them opportunities to expand their skill set.

One of the companies facilitating a culture of learning is Prospect Mortgage. The company is one of the largest independent residential retail lenders in the United States, and its mission is to help customers secure home financing through the mortgage process.

Learning is easy

By investing in education and the implementation of new cloud-based learning management system, Prospect makes it easy for employees to learn.

Learning is accessible from not only all U.S. office locations, but also from mobile devices, and Corey Canaan, a national trainer at Prospect Mortgage, mentioned that mobile usage is appreciated by the sales colleagues who can now learn while traveling in the field.

“The mobile aspects for our company are incredibly huge,” said Canaan, “because it finds ways to engage those that might not be.”

Data integrity

When working with the dynamic and unique requirements of the mortgage industry, reviewing and safeguarding sensitive customer information is critical, and Prospect is committed to data integrity.

“Having the right technology in place is key if we’re going to flourish in the future of work,” said Canaan. “We embrace technology so we remain competitive.”

Business transformation

Feedback from Prospect Mortgage employees has been very positive. Canaan explained that managers love that they can view up-to-date employee course-completion information. The Prospect leadership team can pull integrated and detailed training reports in real time to quickly create on-demand reports.

New hires appreciate the training structure. Friendly reminders of upcoming training modules have proven very useful.

Green and growing

Prospect Mortgage is also committed to lessening its environmental footprint. The company has policies in place to limit and eliminate unnecessary waste. With its cloud solution, the company can disseminate information and track course completion, keeping the company green. The vast majority of employees across the organization access digital information over printing.

By developing its most important asset, its people, Prospect Mortgage has enhanced not only its employees’ experience, but its customers as well. Happy, engaged employees make the difference between a good company and a great one.

To learn how your company can leverage cloud-based learning management solutions, click here.

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