5 Reasons Employees' Opinions Matter In Recruiting

Jeana Quigley

I’m a self-proclaimed HGTV junkie and love watching people hunting for houses. As viewers, we all love to weigh in, telling the people on the TV screen which is the best choice. couple with a realtorWe like when the house hunters choose the house we prefer, while we shake our heads when they choose the others. Simply, we like to state our opinions. Perhaps we’ve been there before and have “insider” information (“That popcorn ceiling will bug you!”). It’s no different with hiring. When employees know you’re hiring a new member for their team, they want to have a say. And it’s not only good for employees to weigh in, it can actually help recruiters and managers make great hiring decisions.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a collaborative recruiting process:

  1. Your team knows good people. If your people love working at your company, they will naturally become your biggest advocates and suggest their friends and family who would be a good fit – especially those who are skilled and easy to work with. Make it easy for them to refer people who will make great employees – whether that’s providing an official program or informally considering employee’s suggestions and referrals.
  1. More minds give you a more complete picture. Some of the best interviews include a team interacting with an applicant. Because they know the different ways the potential employee will be working with them, they’ll be able to provide additional insight and ask thoughtful questions. Plus, it shows you what the team dynamic will be if you hire the applicant.
  1. Different experiences can give a more comprehensive opinion. Employees all have different backgrounds. They may be able to bring scenarios into the interview that others with different experiences may not have thought of. In addition, employees bring a casual vibe into the interview and really make it feel more like a conversation than an interview.
  1. The employees in the trenches want someone they’ll enjoy working with. Sometimes that’s difficult for a manager to predict, as they often focus on the skills and qualifications. The best way to find out how a potential employee will work out is to introduce her to the team and let them interact. Then listen when they give their input or use an applicant tracking system that allows everyone to collaborate.
  1. Your current team will feel you value their opinion. One of the best ways to get loyal, productive employees is to value and trust their thoughts and ideas. When you consider their opinions, you’re reinforcing that you care, and that encourages them to be open in the future.

Whoever you decide on when hiring a new employee, one thing is certain: Even one new person will change the dynamic of your team. That’s why hiring for fit (in addition to skills) is so important. Your employees care because it affects the way they work as a team.

Watching the house-hunting show is fun because when all is said and done, you don’t have to live in the chosen house.You simply turn off the TV, and it’s over. But you do live with the applicant you choose. Your new hire is here to stay. If you made a good, thoughtful choice, that new hire will be around for years to come!

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