The Story of a Hire [Infographic}

Will Staney

By Will Staney, Director of Recruiting, Strategic Programs

Like many industries, the recruiting business over the last handful of years has seen a boost from social media and technology innovations, including mobile, making it more complex and candidates even more segmented across the web.

The Story of a Hire

The story of a hire is about looking at the number of sources a candidate comes from when applying, the number of times they apply and the time it takes to get hired.  Our aggregate data shows that the average candidate will apply from 2.1 different sources.  And if you think about all the thousands of applicants your organization might have, the number of places candidates can come from is mind boggling. Wouldn’t you find it valuable to know what trends emerge and which of those places are giving you the best quality of candidates?

What this tells us is that companies need a multi-channel marketing strategy for their jobs that uses analytics to measure the effectiveness of those channels so they can adjust their strategy in real time. The problem most companies have with their recruitment marketing is simply not doing enough. Having your jobs on a couple job boards, your career site and maybe a social channel or two is not a true strategy.  Companies must understand all the online channels where candidates spend their time online and create a marketing strategy around that to attract top talent, engage with candidates, and measure results.

Candidates Don’t Just Apply to One Job 

In fact, 47% of candidates will apply to more than one job at a single company. This may or may not be a surprise to you, but we’ve seen candidates apply to several jobs at our customer’s companies over the course of a year before finally being hired.  Why do they have to apply so often?  In some cases, the recruiter may have not felt they were 100% qualified for that specific position (even though they may be qualified to work at that organization in another role).  In other cases, there were hundreds of applications for a specific role and the candidate might have been overlooked.

Most Don’t Apply On First Career Site Visit

Most job candidates don’t apply on their first visit to a company’s career website and if that’s the only action they are given then their only other option is to leave (and they may not return). Companies should add functionality to their career site that invites candidates who either may not be ready to apply or have not found a job they are interested in yet to subscribe to job alerts and be notified when a position matching their interest comes up. This enables organizations to tap into a pool of candidates that have already demonstrated interest.

Candidates could be in your Talent Community for a period of time before actually applying to a job (72 days is the average).  We had one candidate who sat in the customers Talent Community for 1,000 days before applying and eventually getting hired!  As a Talent Acquisition leader, I would want to look at any trends by job role here and see if anything emerges.  Having good analytics will allow you to do just this and adjust your strategy on the fly.

Take a look at the info-graphic below and if your company is interested in getting more strategic with your recruitment marketing efforts, check out our Recruitment Marketing products and feel free to contact us for a demo!