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Executive leaders discuss business priorities in a boardroom

Strategic Priorities And Shifting The Role Of Back-Office Functions

11-Nov-2019 | Jacob Vaidyan

The back office can be an enabler of innovation and strategy – and more than just a cost of doing business.

Businesswomen working on an application on a desktop computer together

Employee Experience (EX): The Forgotten User Experience

11-Nov-2019 | Abhishek Devpura

Businesses pay a lot of lip service to the importance of employee experience, so why aren't they giving it the same attention as customer experience?

Man uses mobile spen management app while having coffee at a coffee shop

Attain Desired Business Outcomes With Intelligent Spend Management

6-Nov-2019 | Serge Kogan

Best practices associated with intelligent spend management help organizations improve business outcomes across multiple departments and roles.

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