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Connected Environments Will Not Work Without Accurate Asset Master Data

16-Nov-2017 | Pamela Dunn

Governance, controls, and workflows are essential for using asset data to minimize downtime, enable real-time decision-making, and increase productivity.

Digital Economy, Mill and Mining, Metals, Paper, Internet of Things, SAP Leonardo

Bringing Superior Value To Metals And Paper With The IoT

13-Nov-2017 | Alfred Becker

Embracing digital innovations enables paper and metal manufacturers to cut through the data noise and focus on improving business outcomes.

Digital Economy, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Consumer Products, Agribusiness, SAP Leonardo

A New Agricultural Revolution, Courtesy Of The Internet Of Things And Machine Learning

10-Nov-2017 | Anja Strothkämper

With global populations rising, it falls to technology to make farming processes more efficient and keep up with the growing demand for food.

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