Don’t Let The Digital Revolution Pass You By

Tanja Rueckert

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s how quickly revolutionary technologies are transforming businesses today. Before you even realize it, new innovations emerge, are adopted, and disrupt entire industries.

One of these technologies is the Internet of Things (IoT), which could have a potential $11 trillion annual economic impact by 2025. Another is blockchain, which could store 10% of global GDP by 2027. There’s also machine learning, Big Data, and analytics – and there’s no telling what’s to come.

It’s crucial that your enterprise fully understands the power of these breakthrough technologies. Only then will you be able to capitalize on these innovations and propel your organization into the digital age.

Continue innovating far into the future

To thrive in the modern era, your business needs a digital innovation system that can bring all the latest technologies together. You must have a sophisticated technical foundation that not only enables you to capitalize on today’s most cutting-edge tools but also helps you continue innovating far into the future.

With a digital innovation system in place, your company can integrate the latest breakthrough technologies and seamlessly run them in the cloud. And by connecting your people, processes, and “things” in real time, you’ll have the insight you need to accelerate decision making, reimagine your existing operations, and create entirely new business models.

Shining a light on groundbreaking technology

In the coming weeks, a series of blogs will be released in which a group of my colleagues will share their insights on today’s most exciting and innovative technologies:

  • IoT, sensors, and connected goods: Discover how you can turn physical assets into valuable business data that can drive operational intelligence in your organization.
  • Blockchain: Explore the three-step building-block approach that will help you optimize, reimagine, and revolutionize your business.
  • Predictive maintenance and service: Learn why a proactive approach to asset management is the only way to go.
  • Digital twins: Uncover how you can bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds while saving time, minimizing costs, and reducing risk.

In addition, we’ll shine a light on asset intelligence networks, machine learning, vehicle insights, and more.

Read the first blog in the series, “A Treasure Trove Of Data: The Riches Of IoT, Sensors, And Connected Goods,” this Friday to see what your future could look like by adopting a system like this, and stay tuned for forthcoming articles from some of today’s most forward-thinking technologists.

To meet the market’s expectations for increasingly fast, responsive, and personalized service, speed of business will be everything. Find out how innovative processes can enable your business to remain successful in this evolving landscape. Learn more and download the IDC paper “Realizing IoT’s Value – Connecting Things to People and Processes.”

Tanja Rueckert

About Tanja Rueckert

Tanja Rueckert is President of the Internet of Things and Digital Supply Chain Business Unit at SAP. This year she was voted by IoT Breakthrough as IoT CEO of the Year.