How Thought Leaders Envision The Future Of IoT

Tanja Rueckert

When researchers assembled the “network of networks” in 1983, they created what would become the modern Internet, something that would forever change business and the world in unknown and exciting ways, including the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT). The idea of the IoT is to  connect a seemingly endless array of devices worldwide to enable automatic machine-to-machine communication for revolutionary purposes and productivity. The data that is collected from these connected devices can improve efficiency, automation, and replenishment and create new product-as-a-service business models—not to mention help run our lives, our businesses, and our world.

But what does the IoT mean for businesses today?

Even in its relative infancy, IoT is transforming businesses and industries of virtually every type, often in an unprecedented end-to-end manner. Companies that manufacture, distribute, and sell goods are being connected with the shipping industry, across ships, ports, and terminals using sensors that monitor vessel location, speed, temperatures for heat-sensitive cargo, and more, all in real time. As Christina “CK” Kerley, innovation speaker and futurist, said, “IoT grants us the ability to convert anything into a ‘smart’ marketing object.”

Healthcare providers can monitor patients remotely 24/7 to help lower healthcare costs and improve lives. Bob Egan, CEO and founder of the Sepharim Group, noted, “In healthcare, we’ll see automatically connecting IoT data streams to AI systems. This could mean hospitals collecting data streams from things like heart-rate monitors, oxygen monitors, respiratory systems.”

Agricultural practices are being managed from seed to soil to improve farming productivity and better feed the world population.

So what does the future look like with IoT? We reached out to 21 thought leaders (some mentioned above) who bring deep domain expertise and insights from around the globe. They span various industries and disciplines, from industry experts, academics, entrepreneurs, engineers, and research writers. They are continually exploring topics like smart devices, the customer journey, digital transformation, Big Data, data intelligence, and more in their discussion about our technological future.

Read what they have to say in Insights on the Future of the Internet of Things (IoT). The eBook captures some of their thoughts on where IoT is headed and its impact on business and life, while also considering some of the challenges.

Tanja Rueckert

About Tanja Rueckert

Tanja Rueckert is President of the Internet of Things and Digital Supply Chain Business Unit at SAP. This year she was voted by IoT Breakthrough as IoT CEO of the Year.