Who’s Got Funding? The Latest IoT Investments

Danielle Beurteaux

Want to monitor your home, your baby, your sleep—or a teakettle? A new batch of Internet of Things consumer devices that lets you do these things and more has just won the backing of investors. You might want to back these, too.


Raised: $20 million on July 7th; total investment $31 million in two rounds.

In the U.S. alone, nearly 20 million people experience sleep apnea, a usually chronic condition where breathing is interrupted during sleep. The affliction leads to poor quality of sleep and potentially to other health problems, including increased blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity (not to mention exhaustion). A common treatment is the use of a device called a CPAP, but many users find these uncomfortable and disruptive. Nyxoah has developed a small, minimally invasive neurostimulation implant coupled with a patch that’s reportedly long-lasting, comfortable, and effective.


Raised: $14 million on July 6.

Clearly there are plenty of sleep-deprived people in the world. NightBalance’s device, called the Sleep Position Trainer, is worn on a strap around one’s chest. Its purpose? To monitor sleeping positions and vibrate to nudge the sleeper into a different position.


Raised: $30 million Series C on July 6; total to date $65 million.

Founded in 2013, Light has developed the L16, a high-res DSLR-quality camera that uses “folded optics” with smartphone capabilities. The device is small and light. It’s also sold out until next year, so if you want one, get on the waiting list now.


Raised: $1.14 million on Kickstarter.

Knocki is a Wi-Fi enabled device that is designed to turn any ho-hum surface into a kind of remote to control your environment—suggested uses include temperature control, security, and light adjustment.


Raised: $3.2 million seed on June 2nd; total $5.7 million in three rounds.

Notion is a smart home-monitoring device comprised of a little stick-on puck, a “bridge” that connects to Wi-Fi, and a smartphone app. Stick a puck on a door, for example, and get an alert when it’s opened or closed.


Raised: $2.4 million in one equity funding round.

Fans of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” rejoice: Waverly Labs has created a real Babel Fish. The company’s Pilot device is an earpiece that translates languages using machine translations. In pre-order mode.


Raised: $2.1 million seed funding on June 21.

Calling all aspiring engineers! Piper is a computer kit for kids that uses Minecraft to teach engineering. By following a blueprint, kids can assemble their own computer and learn about how computers work.


Raised: $6.6 million seed on June 15.

A smart baby sleep monitor, Nanit uses an HD camera to keep tabs on infants. It tracks how long it takes baby to fall asleep and monitors sleep quality, comparing data to averages. It also includes a “heat map,” a time-lapse video of your baby’s sleep movements during the night.


Raised: $403,000 angel on June 30; total $1 million.

Tea drinkers are a serious business—in the U.K. alone, 60.2 billion cups are downed each year. Tapping into that market is the Appkettle, a smart cloud-connected kettle that provides detailed info on boiling water (it can also warm baby bottles). For those who take their hot beverages seriously.

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