Interconnection Services And IoT: Simplifying The Last Mile

Russ Green

The Internet of Things (IoT) is steadily changing everything around us. Light bulbs, tea kettles, fridges, fans, coffeemakers, and even cars – you name it, almost anything can be connected to the Internet. Machines are collecting, sharing, and using data to make decisions for us.

Although the value of the IoT is undeniable, organizations must now face the brand new dilemmas of tackling complexity, sustaining 24x7x365 connectivity, and ensuring impenetrable security. 

Why your IoT plans may not be enough

For most businesses, the path to seizing the IoT advantage encompasses any – or all – of these approaches:

  • Embed sensors that transmit data to the IT infrastructure
  • Build a comprehensive, secure network that moves data from the edge of the business to the digital core
  • Enable data processing that delivers insights and enables people to act on it

While sound, these methods seldom go beyond the veneer of the IoT experience. This setup alone cannot guarantee that a sensor will deliver the right data every time. Nor does it protect the IoT system from an attacker looking to access system data and manipulate information exchanged between devices and sensors. And even though the cost of sensors continue to decline, the price tag for supporting the total system can escalate.

Think about it: Which service provider will offer better coverage or lower tariffs down the road? How can you easily manage device provisioning? And will your devices be secure enough to prevent attacks from prying eyes? There’s a lot to consider and so much at stake.

It’s time to address your IoT dilemmas by finishing that last mile of connectivity between the IoT and mobile devices. And with the right environment, it is possible.

A path to a simpler, more secure IoT experience

Protecting the integrity, authenticity, and privacy of IoT-generated data is a fundamental concern for any business. By delivering enterprise choice and flexibility, SAP Mobile Services can lay the foundation for a well-connected, cost-efficient, and secure environment that supports consistent interconnectivity between devices and the entire infrastructure.

Mobile services provide a transport layer that moves data from sensors and devices to a cloud platform. With this approach, businesses can quickly develop, deploy, and manage real-time applications for the IoT, machine-to-machine communication, and remote data-sync applications. IoT data is sent, received, and stored within the persistence layer of the platform through a virtual mobile network of more than 800 mobile operators.

By getting up and running with an IoT landscape quickly, businesses can capitalize on the promises of an increasingly digital economy. But with the added layer of security built into the foundation, they improve their chances of success with improved competitiveness, minimized risk, and unnecessary disruption.

SAPPHIRE NOW: Connect and manage devices anywhere and simplify the last mile of the IoT

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