Digitalist Magazine's Top Picks [September 10, 2018]

Shelly Dutton

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Each week on Digitalist Magazine, the editorial team discusses its top picks of the week from across our content categories. Here’s a list of blogs that caught out attention this week, and we hope you find these articles valuable, informative, and interesting too.

A Growing Company’s Guide To Talent Management Leadership

Putting Our Money Where Our Purpose Is

The Data-Driven Way To Help Vulnerable People

HR Everywhere: The Case For Engaging Mobile Experiences

Connecting To Better Serve Corporate Banking Clients

Greater Agility With Response And Supply Planning

A Soldier’s Load: Machine Learning In Defense And Other Industries

Social Coin AI Platform Rewards Actions That Improve Lives

Digitalist Flash Briefing: Retail State Of The Union: More Insights Into Why Shop At A Mall (Part 5)

Don’t Allow Software To Eat Your Lunch