Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [October 24, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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The Cloud Is Gathering For Identity And Access Management
By Chris Grundy@ChrisGrundy3

Things are getting interesting in the identity and access management (IAM) market, thanks to the cloud. But as organizations are increasingly drawn to the cost economies, scalability, and the ease-of-use of cloud-based solutions, changing technologies and evolving user expectations are impacting on how software solutions are designed.

Rural Sourcing Benefits From Digital Agribusiness Solutions To Meet Global Food Needs
By Tanja Reith@reith_tanja

With the world population headed toward the 10 billion mark in the coming years, the need for healthy, sustainable and fairly produced food will increase accordingly. Through hyperconnectivity and digital transformation, agriculture processes can create a stronger operational foundation for rural sourcing by facilitating smart, traceable solutions throughout operations from farm to fork.

Why Women Will Be Crucial To Manufacturing And Supply Chain In The Digital Economy
By Priya Wenzel@priya_wenzel

Very few women choose careers in manufacturing and supply chain operations. And that’s a problem. There’s a growing skills gap in this all-too-important business area that can only be filled if they hire from among the growing ranks of female college graduates. In other words, if manufacturers want to succeed in the digital economy, they’ll need to hire and promote more women. Here’s the proof.

The Role Of IoT And Data In Smart Cities
By Angela Schuller@AngelaMSchuller

When it comes to smart cities, it’s not just about city officials deciding it’s the best thing for residents. Its success hinges on the involvement of small businesses, vendors, and the residents themselves to make great things happen.

5 Technologies That Will Transform Your Business Decisions
By Rick Delgado@ricknotdelgado

True success in the business world often depends making the right business decisions at the right time. This has only grown more complicated over the years as organizations are inundated with increasingly complex problems. But in much the same way that these technologies has made crucial decisions more common, they can also ensure you make the correct call.

How Three Digital Leaders Are Achieving Strategic Change
By Susan Galer@smgaler

When it comes to digital transformation, Darwinism may be completely wrong: Customer satisfaction is highest when IT isn’t involved, and the dangers of shadow IT become irrelevant. In the recent roundtable session “Investigate the Critical Elements of Change,” panelists from Lexmark, Murphy Oil, and National DCP discussed this epiphany and other additional lesson about their digital transformation journey.

A Shortcut Guide To Machine Learning And AI In The Enterprise
By Timo Elliott@timoelliott

Predictive analytics. Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. Whatever we call it, the technology generally proposed in two different forms: either as an extension to existing platforms for data analysts, or as new embedded functionality in diverse business applications such as sales lead scoring, marketing optimization, sorting HR resumes, or financial invoice matching. But what is its true potential and how will it change our world?

Make No Mistake – Social Media is Massively Affecting The Sales Process (And Here’s Why)
By Malcolm Hamilton@MalcolmHamilto

Digital and social marketing is at the heart of sales, and the lines between sales and marketing have been steadily blurring. Take a closer look at how marketing can offer sales a lot of help in today’s world of social media.

Why Insurance Will Be Bigger – And Invisible – In 20 Years
By Derek Klobucher@DKlobucher

You might want to take a mental snapshot of what insurance looks like, because children born today could make up first generation that won’t know what insurance is. That’s not because insurance won’t be a thing; it will be a much bigger industry in 20 years. More important, it may also be unrecognizable from what it is today.

3 Disruptive Technologies To Combat Global Warming
By Anton Kroger

Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge facing the planet today. Politicians, scientists, and energy consumers need to embrace these three distinct disruptive technologies to drive change quickly enough to avert this impending global disaster.