Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [October 17, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Leveraging Digital Twins To Breathe New Life Into Your Products And Services
By Thomas Kaiser

The concept of the digital twin can accelerate your business and breathe new life into your products and services. However, what is often mistaken as a thought experiment is part of a broader digital transformation on which IDC says companies will invest US$2.1 trillion a year by 2019.

Digital Transformation In China: 2016
By Hu Yoshida, @HuYoshida

China has adopted social and mobile in a big way, but it still may be lagging in adoption of cloud and analytics. In fact, traditional businesses still seem to prefer to own things like infrastructure and licenses so they can better control of costs. Is this where the China syndrome will work against them?

Five Signs Your Business Is Ready For Digital Transformation
By Tony Evans

Organizations have a habit of approaching digital transformation from a technology perspective, but that’s short-sighted. Digital transformation is about restructuring the business and reassessing the conscience of the organization, its norms and pre-existing, proven business models. What does it take to succeed in your digital transformation? These five attributes.

The Role Of Technology In Retail Food Sustainability
By Joerg Koesters, @joergkoesters

Though many companies are currently holding their own, there’s much debate whether they can remain viable much longer? Food delivery, better convenience store foods, and healthy fast-food chains are all gaining ground in the market. To stay competitive, food retailers need to understand that these seemingly esoteric, theoretical concepts can make a tangible impact on how food is grown, transported, personalized, and delivered in the future.

Connected Farmers Boost Origination Efficiency
By Harald Schlueter

Digital tools are reshaping the world of agribusiness. Technologies optimize seed selection, fertilization, crop protection, and irrigation. Automation creates more efficient processes and work. Streamlined operations reduce waste along the food supply chain. Here are some examples of how these changes are helping farmers meet the growing demand of an increasing global population.

Digital Farmer Harvests Better Results With More Data
By Cedrik Kern

Digital farmers are staying connected to suppliers, processors, and agribusiness companies like never before. As the demand for food increases, excellence across these five pillars are becoming increasingly necessary. Without them, farmers will be unable to stay competitive and boost yields and improve quality, which is needed to feed a growing world population.

How The Cloud Contributes To Agility And Data Interoperability
By Howard Baldwin

Whenever a company deploys a cloud, there’s always going to be the issue of eventual integration. How can companies use the cloud to “start from scratch” and still make it part of the enterprise architecture later?

Lessons From The Boss: Why Bruce Springsteen Matters
By Alex Atzberger, @aatzberger

Few artists have sustained a more successful rock n’ roll career over four decades than Bruce Springsteen. And while he is still performing concerts that last more than four hours at the age of 67, his creativity, passion, and longevity are both amazing and inspiring to business leaders all over the world. Here’s proof.

8 Tips To Up Your Content Marketing Game
By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

How do you create effective content that will attract, engage, and convert your target audience? According to Martin Jones, the senior marketing manager at Cox Communications, these are the eight things successful content marketers do that can help you plan for your content marketing success today.

A Millennial’s Perspective: Pursue Purpose Relentlessly – And Forever
By Kishore Kumar, @KishoreTeLegnd

Purpose is not just relevant to business; it is important in everyone’s life. But when our focus moves toward materialistic happiness, it was easy to forget our core purpose. A millennial gives his account of his path to finding his purpose – and true happiness.