Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [October 10, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Reinventing Diversity At Corning
By Christine Pambianchi

Corning is a global specialty glass and materials science company that is over 160 years old. Christina Pambianchi, senior vice president of Human Resource at Corning, discusses how diversity and inclusion play a central role in Corning’s passion for the potential of every employee and its belief that leaders are responsible for creating an environment where employees can contribute to their potential.

Winning Your End Users: Enterprise Dashboarding Or Self-Service BI?
By Iver van de Zand, @IvervandeZand

Businesses are using business intelligence toolsets, and their decision makers are looking for self-service and agility. However, they are forgetting about managed dashboarding applications that based on corporate data and managed and distributed with good governance.  How do you choose the best BI component to address any self-service dilemma?

How Predictive Capabilities And Analytics Are Already Transforming The Legal Services Industry
By Patrice Cappello

Clients need and want a lawyer who knows the answers and has a plan – immediately. And thanks to Big Data, it’s possible. The issue is that this high volume of information is like a broken water faucet – once you turn it on, there’s no going back again. How do you actually embrace all of this data and make sense of it all? The answer is simple: predictive analytics.

This Is What Customer Experience Will Look Like In 2020
By Mark de Bruijn, @MacdeBruijn

Since we are living in an age where retail chains go bust by the score, the need for an optimal customer experience is clearer than ever. Modern technology offers many opportunities to enrich the experience even further, especially since it is developing at breakneck speed. But what will customer experience look like, say, four years from now. By 2020, the way we consume will look like this.

Using Social Media To Your Advantage: Tips For Entrepreneurs
By Justine Moran, @justinemoran95

Entrepreneurs generally don’t have big marketing budgets. Fortunately, billions of people today connect with the world using social media, which means it’s relatively inexpensive to publicize your business. So use it to your advantage and craft a social media campaign that resonates with your audience with these tips.

10 Reasons Why Photography Is Crucial In Modern Marketing
By Melissa Friedman, @FriedmanMelissa

The power of visual communication has reached an all-time high with the rise of digital and social marketing – media that modern marketers use to promote their content and brands. As a result, photography is becoming more crucial to the promotion of a product or service than ever before. Here’s why.

Gamification: Turning Work Into Play
By Emily Mui, @Em8Mui

The benefits of gamification are hard to dispute. From bringing together the masses to going beyond key performance indicators (KPIs), gamification is making real-world improvements to the workplace. Is it time to try gamification to release your employees from the chains of a stifling workplace?

Digital Transformation: Saving Money In The Construction Industry
By Dustin Anderson, @EandCSoftware

The construction industry is changing as technology and resources grow. The industrial construction market has already seen numerous new business models that transformed everything from the supply chain to the project delivery. But will digital transformation actually lead to higher profits and happier customers?

1,000 Big Data Use Cases In A Nutshell
By Carsten Bange, @carstenbange

The starting point for generating value from Big Data typically lies in use cases. BARC releases its findings from its “Big Data Use Cases” survey that provides an interesting overview of how companies actually tackle Big Data.

Digital-Driven HR Decisions: The Secret To Small And Midsize Business Success
By Peter Howes, @peterhowes

The ideal model of nimble operations powered by engaged employees; strong, yet personal, leadership; and streamlined decision making remains elusive for many small and midsize businesses. Leaders may try to transform the corporate culture with workforce training, process redesign, new go-to-market strategies, best practices, compensation perks, and more. However, none of these initiatives will be as impactful as digitizing HR decision making.