Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [October 3, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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The Art Of Opportunity And Innovation With Design Thinking
By Kaan Turnali, @KaanTurnali

Frameworks, such as design thinking, help us uncover hidden opportunities with new and cutting-edge products, as well as back offices where roles and functions can be tedious and mundane. Parker Lee, co-author of The Art of Opportunity, discusses how to drive innovation in the enterprise and spur growth and profitability with design thinking.

Digitalization: More Than Old Wine In A New Bottle
By Jagdish Belwal, @Jeyceebee

Digitalization is a far more powerful – if not ubiquitous – phenomenon compared to the automation solutions of the past. But there’s a world of difference between IT automation and this wave of digitalization. Here are six critical dimensions that differentiate the two.

Technology Should Support Digital Transformation, Not Define It
By Dwight Davis

One of the biggest drags on digital transformation is the presence of unnecessary complexity throughout the IT infrastructure. To most effectively exploit advanced technological platforms and the new business models they permit, make a clean break from inflexible and fragmented legacy systems that were designed to support the old way of doing business.

Smart Manufacturing: The Next Generation Of Manufacturing?
By Geetika Shukla

Smart factories are quickly replacing dark dungeons and gloomy manufacturing alleys – all thanks to cloud solutions, the Internet of Things, smart analytics, and hyperconnectivity. And the changes underlying this transformation is brining considerable opportunity to the global economy. Here are five ways smart manufacturing can contribute phenomenally to the industry – and the world.

Connected For Purpose: What Total Digital Transformation Looks Like
By Jennifer Schulze, @jen1schulze

Digital transformation, when done right, connects every business department and employee, optimizes interactions and provides data to anticipate breakdowns or gaps in the company’s workflow. When done strategically, the DNA of the original organism is there, but it’s so vastly improved that an entirely new – and beautiful – creature emerges.

Keeping Tabs On Your Business Numbers
By Barbara Weltman, @BarbaraWeltman

You can’t run a business on good intentions and hard work alone. You need to stay on top of critical financial information to see that your business is fiscally healthy and learn where changes need to be made in order to grow. Here are the numbers you need to watch, as well as why and how to do it.

Digitalization Offers CIOs New Opportunity To Lead
By Savita Raina, @sraina03

Old business models are being shattered – and everyone is talking about it. Such disruption is driving new innovation, new ways of thinking through problems, and new solutions. Take a look at some of the implications this disruption is bringing.

IoT For Agribusiness: The Quadcopter Cowboys
By Paul Baur

The economics of cattle farming increasingly favors big herds requiring ever-larger grazing areas managed by fewer caretakers. One major agribusiness in Russia, for example, aspires to grow its herd to a million cattle grazing across 10,000 square kilometers. Monitoring territory of this size is a huge task, so farmers are increasingly finding inventive solutions based on the Internet of Things.

IT And The Small And Midsize Business: Separated By Digital Priorities
By Hernan Marino, @HCMarino

IT and lines of business need to be on the same page when it comes to digital transformation. And for IT leaders, this challenge signals an opportunity to raise their status from keeping the lights on to catalyzing a strategic evolution of the strategy and focus of the business. Elevate IT’s role in digital transformation with these three steps.

Advice From An IoT Expert: Three Things You Need To Know
By Robin Meyerhoff

In the race to go digital, most businesses today are considering Internet of Things projects. But there are still some key questions about impact, security, and value that are obstacles to adoption. Maribel Lopez, an Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile expert and head of Lopez Research, gives some tips for business leaders to think about before embarking on IoT projects.