Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [September 19, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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(Re)Programming Life
By Kai Goerlich, @KaiGoe

Businesses in healthcare and those with high ecological footprints – like agriculture, fishing, wood, mining, and oil and gas – may soon use modern sensor and genome technology to improve risk assessment, act more sustainably, and find new business ideas. Where will these advances take us?

How To Create A Transparent, Sustainable Food Supply Chain
By Dr. Volker Keiner, @VolkerHD

Today’s farmer is in a tight spot. On one hand, the farm needs to produce a profit and run efficiently. On the other, consumers are demanding transparency and sustainability in farming. As our population grows, farms that embrace precision agriculture can see excellent gains. How will your agribusiness supply chain benefit?

Is The Internet Of Things And Wearable Technology The New Black?
By Fred Isbell, @fmisbell

Our interactions with the Internet of Things and wearable will soon become the norm, and we won’t think twice about it. And as all of these devices generate even more data, Big Data will become bigger than anyone could have predicted. Meanwhile, all of this information creates new opportunities, setting the stage for a new market.

IoT For Better Customer Engagement
By Emily Mui, @Em8Mui

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are breaking through business dimension barriers. Once a mere speculation, the IoT is now hitting the shelves in the form of consumer products. And as these companies know, the IoT has the power to increase customer engagement, strengthen retention, and optimize customer service.

How To Convince IT And The Business To Value Design
By Andreas Hauser, @HauserAndreas

One of the biggest outcomes of the technology consumerization trend is how it has driven the importance of design. There’s no waiting out this trend – an unstoppable wave of interest in design-centricity is hitting the business world, shifting the focus in product and service development from features to experience. But why? What is the real value of design? Why is it worth the investment?

New Leaders: The Rise Of Millennials In Leadership Roles [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Switch & Shift

It’s an exciting time for the business community as millennials bring new perspectives and changing priorities to leadership roles. New methodologies, innovative practices, and cultural change are poised to remake the landscape of modern business. What skills do millennial leaders value and what experience do they need?

Product Platforms: Old Idea, New Opportunity For Manufacturers
By Thomas Ohnemus, @OhnemusThomas

Customers want every product customized to their preferences. And for a growing number of manufacturers, product platforms can provide this level of service. While product platforms aren’t a new idea, they’re now being embraced in a big way with big payoffs.

What Is The Opportunity For Finance Departments In The Cloud?
By Judy Cubiss, @jucubiss

Many finance executives still have concerns about the maturity of solutions and risks such as security. You could say such is the nature of accounting; however, the benefits of moving to cloud, the flexibility, scalability, standardization, and easy pace of adoption are proving more compelling. Tony Klimas, global finance leader at EY, and Pras Chatterjee, senior director of Product Marketing, EPM, at SAP, offer their perspectives on opportunities for finance departments in the cloud.

Reaching An Analytics Inflection Point: It’s About Profitability
By Nilly Essaides, @NEssaidesAFP

Situated in the central point of the organization, financial planning and analysis has access to data from multiple sources and can view, analyze, and share information across the enterprise. The latest IBM white paper proves the importance of adopting analytics solutions to seize the potential of this information.

A Repeatable Methodology For Innovation
By Glen Moffatt @glencmoffatt

Your company is good at something. Whatever that “something” might be, at some point, your company acquired these particular competencies. You developed and furthered your expertise by doing them over and over again – and perhaps won awards along the way. It is possible to think about innovation as an acquirable competency?