Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 29, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Big Data’s Three Big Trends Of 2016
By Andy Hirst, @ARHirst

In just 12 months, the banking industry seen some major implications around data storage, management, and innovative ways of monetizing it. Consider capitalizing on at least one of these trends if you’re not already doing so.

The Ascendance Of Cloud In The Enterprise
By Trent Weier

Cloud computing has long been common in the consumer space. Some still see it as another marketing gimmick, and others believe it can deliver business advantage and genuine cost savings. Even if you’re not considering the cloud, your competitors most likely are. Here’s why.

IoT, Sensors, And All Things Digital: Can We Handle It All?
By Kai Goerlich, @KaiGoe

We are all part of a big experiment, testing our data-driven consciousness and determining how much information we can digest and at what speed. Dr. Yvonne Förster, professor of philosophy of culture at Leuphana University in Germany, predicts what we can expect in the future.

7 Soft Skills Needed By Future Innovators
By Dr. Patti Fletcher, @pkfletcher

Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur, but could parenting influence a child’s capability and eventual workforce longevity? While this may be a bold question, a recent study suggests that parents should encourage these seven traits to pave the way for the next generation of innovators.

Supply Chain Transformation: From Customer Demand To Last-Mile Logistics
By Estelle Lagorce, @VanlierdeE

For decades, supply chains have incorporated digital technologies – proving that supply chain excellence and effectiveness can have a profound impact on any organization’s growth, prosperity, and long-term sustenance. So why are we still talking about transforming the supply chain?

How Harley-Davidson and Other Companies Deliver Individualized Products
By Richard Howells, @howellsrichard

The increasing demand for individualized products is forcing manufacturers to rethink their existing supply chain operations. What separates leaders from laggards in the field of product customization? For Harley Davidson, it’s about fulfilling individualized orders rapidly and at a cheap operational cost.       

After The Hype Roller Coaster Stops: A Business Case For The Cloud And Cloud Solution Maturity
By Fred Isbell, @fmisbell

The hype around any technology resembles a roller coaster. The hype rises over time to unrealistic proportions. Then, crash! Reality sets in about its true value. And before you know it, the technology matures, and a new status quo emerges. Are there any advantages to riding the rises and falls of this hype cycle?

Business Beyond Bias: The Power Of Data And Inspiration
By Debra Plousha Moore, @plousha      

A wealth of human capital data can help us see the impact of our biases – but data alone is not going to bring about significant change. It is our personal insights on the data and the related work we do that will make a real impact. Debra Plousha Moore, Chief Human Resources Officer, Executive Vice President, Carolinas HealthCare System, shares her personal story.

Does The CIO Need A Partner In Digital Transformation?
By Howard Baldwin

Given the importance of digital technology and transformation, more enterprises are creating the position of chief digital officer (CDO) to tie together business and technology initiatives. But why do you need a CDO? By creating yet another “chief” position relating to technology, don’t you impede the influence of the CIO?

The Digital Tsunami: How It May Change Your Views About Continuous Learning
By Abhijit Bhaduri, @AbhijitBhaduri

Cloud, social, and mobile technologies are opening up so many new possibilities and experiences for learning. So why are satisfaction levels for learning and development so abysmally low? Check out these five ideas that can help make learning experiences more meaningful for everyone.