Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 22, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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How Integrated Project Delivery Contracts Are Changing Construction
By Dustin Anderson, @EandCSoftware

But it’s not all good news for the construction industry. The industry is also facing serious challenges. Projects are more complex than ever before. Inefficient, wasteful practices are reducing already razor-thin profit margins. Can a digital approach that brings together business processes, project controls, visualization, and analytics in real time help them work smarter, faster, and simpler?

Digital Compliance: Only Superheroes Need Apply
By John Bertrand

Compliance officers are in great demand, but the responsibilities and requirements for the job are so daunting that even Superman would have a difficult time filling the role. Maybe it’s time to make digital technology the superhero instead.

The Dramatic Impact Of Self-Driving Cars On The Insurance Business
By Hugh Anderson

Autos are becoming safer and causing fewer injuries and fatalities. And the rapid assimilation of self-driving cars into society is causing traditional insurers to take notice. How soon will there be a critical mass of these vehicles on the road? How will this change society’s collective driving behavior? And how will the very nature of the auto insurance industry change as a result?

Reimagining The Future Of Automotive In The Digital Age
By Holger Masser

While technology is disruptive to traditional manufacturing and production processes and to automotive sales, it is clear in the automotive industry that the companies showing the most growth are the ones investing in the most digital innovation. What does the automotive industry of the future look like? Connectivity, mobility, and data are the drivers behind the wheels of this industry shift.

The Battle Between Dynamic Pricing And The Bots That Will Defeat Them
By Dinesh Sharma, @sharmad

The data is bringing retailers unprecedented insight into their consumers’ lives. What if an online retailer could tell they are browsing on a Mac versus a PC? Could they assume and pick out consumers with a higher earning profile and charge them more?

The Power Of Social Collaboration: 3 Business Benefits
By Steve Hamrick, @SocialHamrick

Making sure your employees are effectively working together in person is no easy task. But, adding multiple offices around the globe, an ever-expanding workforce, and disorganized data to the equation can bring a major mess on your hands. Thanks to the impressive tools that exist today, however, you can easily realize the many benefits of creating a collaborative online community.

Will Contractors Change The Future Workforce Model?
By Michael Rander@michaelrander

Uber recently agreed to the creation of the New York City (NYC) Independent Drivers Guild. Although this organization is not a union, it will provide drivers with a defined array of protections. Does this mean that the gig economy is evolving? And if so, how do companies attract and compete for the best workforce under these new conditions?

What Is The Key To Rapid Innovation In Healthcare?
By Paul Clark@tawoo

Many health organizations recognize the importance of going digital and have already deployed programs involving IoT, cloud, Big Data, analytics, and mobile technologies. However, over the last decade, investments in many e-health programs have delivered only modest returns. What’s slowing the pace of healthcare innovation and how can your organization accelerate it?

Will Robots Replicate Their Own Code Or Will We Control It?
By Kai Goerlich, @KaiGoe

The current speed of change around the IoT, robotics, and learning systems makes it likely that the devices we call “things” and “robots” will become more independent. If we do not decide how their evolution will run in this next round of experiments with software and 3D printing, we might want start thinking seriously about these implications.

Individualized Products And IoT Propel Today’s Athletes
By Richard Howells, @howellsrichard

An athlete traditionally becomes a champion through hard work and sheer determination. But today, athletes are realizing the Internet of Things can help them achieve their championship ambitions. These Olympians are changing the game – and proving that you can too.