Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 15, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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National Grid Runs Procurement Simpler
By Estelle Lagorce, @VanlierdeE

Take a step back and look at your procurement processes. Why is it so difficult? Why can’t it be like shopping at home? It’s a good question, and one that led global utility company, National Grid, to take its procurement into the cloud and start building a foundation for the future.

Why All The Fuss About Blockchain?
By Chris Skinner, @Chris_Skinner

Much is being written about bitcoin and blockchain these days, especially now that banks are talking about it too. Some believe that the blockchain technology that came from the bitcoin structure could revolutionize banking. But there’s a problem – not with blockchain protocol, but with the hype and confusion that surrounds it. How will banks make any progress if no one understands it?     

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends Of 2016 So Far
By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

Over three-quarters of marketers are using content marketing as the core of their overall marketing strategy to drive more brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales. So what are marketers doing in 2016 to achieve these goals? Look at five of the top content marketing trends we’ve seen so far this year.

The Future Of Procurement, Part 1: What CFOs Need To Know
By Marcell Vollmer, @mvollmer1

Very soon, the chief procurement officer (CPO) will be the chief value officer  not measured on savings delivered, but value created. Procurement will become a driver for business innovations that define the future of a more strategic function. Find out what every CPO needs to know and how they can take advantages of the opportunities ahead.

Building A Business Case For Financial Transformation
By Nilly Essaides

Is finance transformation worth the effort? That may be the wrong question. The question is, can companies afford not to transform their finance function and remain relevant now and going forward? Here are some solutions CFOs can wrap their heads around to help drive change:

Living to 100 Has A Price: It’s Time To Rethink The Traditional Career Concept
By Michael Rander, @michaelrander

Careers have followed the same general format for generations: You get an education, land a job, try to move up the corporate hierarchy, and eventually retire. However, things are about to change – either we need to work longer to save up for that complete retirement most people strive to achieve, or we must redesign the way we live our lives.

Digital Disruption In The Building Products Industry
By Liane Geber

Consumers and commercial building owners and operators alike want the cost-effectiveness and empowerment green technology and digital automation offer. Fortunately, this new technology is easily within reach. Here are some tips on how building product manufacturers and distributors can tap into the extensive world of automation for unparalleled advantage.

Digital Transformation For Smaller Banks
By Astrid Stolbrink          

If they are to effectively compete in the digital world, mid-tier banks (as well as the smaller spin-offs from large banks, for that matter) need an affordable way to harness the rich functionality of enterprise grade systems, affordable access to agile innovation, and the ability to pivot to meet market demand in real time – without breaking the bank. And it’s here . . . now.

Life With The IoT: Is It The Beginning Or End Of Data Privacy?
By Kai Goerlich, @KaiGoe

In exchange for convenience, consumers are willing to allow the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many more sponge up our accessible privacy data. But, today’s IoT situation falls short of respecting privacy. Is it time for a new alternative to handle and better protect our information?

RIP ROI: Time-To-Market Is The New Indicator Of Success
By Jonathan Becher, @jbecher

In the digital economy, change is the only constant. So quit obsessing about ROI. You won’t stop change, but you might be able to keep up with it. Find out why best indicator of success will likely be time-to-market.