Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 1, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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What Is At The Heart Of Digital Transformation? [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Susan Walker

The digital era is gaining incredible momentum, and smartphones are changing the way that many businesses interact with their customers, employees, and partners. This places mobility at the heart of digital transformation. But is your business part of the 60% that are lacking any sort of enterprise apps? Take a look at this infographic to see what’s at stake and how you can remedy it.

Can Your Business Sense What’s Happening In Your Industry?
By Dinesh Sharma, @sharmad

What allows companies like Uber to reimagine the traditional boundaries and value proposition of their industry? More important, how will you adapt to the emerging fluidity of those traditional roles? Three key characteristics come to mind: Seamless, connected, and data-driven.

The Wisdom To Master Startup Growth
By Shawn Murphy, @TheShawnMurphy

Your business model is how your company creates, delivers, and captures value. By measuring traction, you can determine if you are delivering valuable services or products to your customer. But are your customers getting what they want to ease their pain?

No Digital For A Day. That’s How Some Businesses Still Work
By Anja Reschke, @AnjaReschke

Imagine going an entire week – or even a day – without using any digital devices. No smartphone, no tablet, no laptop, no access to apps that you have come to rely on daily. Could you do it? For many people, I doubt it. So why do so  many businesses think that their employees can go without it at work?

7 Ways To Sell ERP To Upper Management
By Andre Smith

The right ERP can have a transformative effect on a business, but communicating how and why is not always easy. Tech professionals understand the value of ERP, but their executives struggle to see it. If this is a hurdle you’re trying to overcome, use these strategies to build a stronger case.

Top 10 Reasons You Must Leverage Purpose To Build Your Brand
By Simon Mainwaring, @simonmainwaring

There is no shortage of reasons why you should leverage your brand’s resources to address a variety of social challenges. But, any sober assessment of whether such an undertaking is realistic may say otherwise. Fortunately, shifts in culture, technology, and demographics is incentivizing businesses to take action and lead with purpose. Here are 10 reasons why.

Millennial Execs Offer New Approach To Gaining Competitive Advantage
By Michael Rander, @michaelrander

When it comes to digital readiness, competitive advantages, and digital HR strategies, the younger generation has a distinctly more negative outlook on the current state of preparedness and the steps needed to future proof companies for the digital economy. How distinct? Check out what Oxford Economics learned.

Nothing Stays The Same, Not Even Digital Transformation
By Paul Kurchina, @PaulKurchina

Everything in life is constantly evolving – even the buzzworthy term “digital transformation.” Up until about three years ago, this phrase traditionally described the application of digital technology to business processes, work, and assets. But now, digital transformation is beginning to take on an entirely new meaning.

The Digital Development Of Social Work
By Tiffany Rowe

Unfortunately, most communities have a desperate shortage of social workers as they grapple with a variety of social, emotional, behavioral, and mental issues. Mercifully, technology allows many social workers to perform effectively despite the shortage. Here’s how tech solutions are helping social workers do good more efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration, Agility, And The Digital Business CIO
By Allan Adler, @carstenbange

Under pressure to deliver digitally enabled and digitally driven performance improvement and growth, CIOs must find ways to react to new information and insight in real time and decrease time from ideation to implementation. That’s a tall order, but can it really be done? According to this study, of course! And here’s how.