Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [July 18, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Where Do You Fit In The Digital Economy?
By Anja Reschke, @AnjaReschke

The speed of technological change is making it difficult for many business leaders to comprehend all potential opportunities and possible consequences of the digital economy. Do you understand where your business is going in the digital economy? Here’s some insight to get you underway.

Emotional Intelligence: Vital For Successful Transformation
By Jan Koster, @JanDWKoster

People with a high emotional intelligence display specific behaviors, which you can find listed on various online sources. But which emotional intelligence-related characteristics, practices, and skills are most relevant for successful transformation?

Build Your Business Model For The Digital Era
By Bert Schulze, @BeSchulze

The ultimate goal for most companies is now the unit of one. Find out if you have what it takes to revolutionize shopping behavior as customers expect a seamless experience that is focused on their needs in the form of fully individualized services.

Your Competition Is Not Just From Your Industry – It’s Everywhere
By Dinesh Sharma, @sharmad

This emerging era of hyperconnectivity is an assault on the stable environments that have been the foundation of businesses in the knowledge economy. Do you have the capacity to see that happening in your marketplace right now?

IT + Procurement + Finance: A Powerful Triad
By John Thompson

When it comes to spend management, IT, finance, and procurement each have their own roles and goals. However, they do share a common objective: Profitability. Explore how this triad can help your company achieve greater expense management and realize financial performance goals while optimizing overhead expenses and maximizing productivity.

7 Surprising Innovations For The Future Of Computing
By Dan Wellers, @DanielWellers

Moore’s Law isn’t really a law – it’s more of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In essence, he simply set our expectations, and the chip makers delivered accordingly. But, that doesn’t mean that era of exponential tech-driven change is about to come to a screeching halt. Check out these emerging technologies that promise to keep computing performance rocketing ahead.

Chatbots: A New Phase For The Future Of Work
By Paul Kurchina, @PaulKurchina

Chatbots are quickly becoming the latest rage in the tech world. But in reality, this technology is really a 50-year-old concept that merges artificial intelligence with natural language processing. In a world that values innovation, progress, and forward thinking, is the chatbot just a gimmick or will it finally become revolutionary?

Top Priority For Surveyed Financial Executives: Improving Efficiency
By Benno Eberle, @eberlebenno

Efficiency is the word on the lips of most finance executives. But are they truly addressing the challenges and investing in the right digital technology to drive this outcome? A recent Forrester survey reveals all.

The Internet Of Things And Retail: Why You Must Create Frictionless Shopping Now [VIDEO]
By Kai Goerlich, @KaiGoe

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) has not yet arrived in the mainstream, it is emerging as a critical path to digitizing the customer experience. And for some retailers, according to IDC, the future of is already here. The goal? Frictionless shopping.


Quarterback Of Change: CFOs Step Up To Lead Technology Initiatives
By Colin Sampson

In the last year, CFOs have been increasingly assuming a much larger role in choosing and implementing new technology. Although they are willing to work with CIOs and line of business leaders, CFOs are clearly taking control of new projects that will help their companies reimagine business performance and enable real transformation. See what’s behind this shift.