Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [July 11, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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How Do You Reimagine Your Business?
By Anja Reschke@AnjaReschke

The speed of digitalization will continue to increase as consumers and business networks in multiple industries demand answers in real time. To be successful in this rapidly changing digital economy, you need to tackle digital transformation properly. Do you have the right corporate agenda in place to make this happen?

Digital Insurance: Partnering For The Game Of Life
By Kai Goerlich and Christian Jaerschke@KaiGoe

The insurance industry is on the verge of a fundamental shift driven by increased digitization, more advanced analytics capabilities, and disruptive threats from new entrants and business models. Insurance companies are not only facing rising costs and intense competition but also an opportunity to create entirely new business models that proactively manage – and even eliminate – risks for customers.

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be A Well-Oiled Machine
By Dinesh Sharma, @sharmad

For many years, the word “machine” has been used to describe a well-run business. However, rebuilding an organization – reorganization, reengineering, right-sizing, flattening, and so on – is not complementary to the nature of a machine. Machines remain static, but today’s companies must grow and constantly evolve. What does this mean for the future of business?

The Internet Of Things And Consumer Products: Why You Must Connect (Your Customer) Now [VIDEO]
By Kai Goerlich@KaiGoe

The consumer products industry is exploring the use of the Internet of Things and will reach mainstream around 2018, according to IDC. While gaining operational efficiencies with the IoT is certainly already tested by the industry, consumer demand for connected, interactive products is growing by the day. And this is only the beginning!

Big Data And The Internet Of Things Change The Rules For Retailers And Consumers
By Joerg Koesters@joergkoesters

In ten years, retail is likely to be different, just as retail was much different a decade ago. While the physical storefront will likely remain a cornerstone, the landscape is changing fast. What are some of the trends smart retailers need to consider?

Delivering On The New HR Mandate
By Estelle Lagorce@VanlierdeE

HR has had a bad press in recent years: too bureaucratic, too administrative, and not innovative enough. Even Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report concluded that HR needed an “extreme makeover.” Find out which powerful forces continue to cause disruption to businesses and their workforce, forcing HR organizations to transform to survive and thrive.

Digital Value Realization: Moving Beyond The Infrastructure With The Internet Of Things 2.0
By Jan van Vonno@Janvanvonno

Winning the support of business executives and enhancing collaboration between decision makers are key to realizing the full potential of IoT and the data that comes with it — and the CIO really needs to drive this. Converting data into business value is a critical aspect in the journey toward digital transformation.

What Comes First In Digital Transformation: Culture Or Innovation?
By Leagh Turner@LeaghTurner

Recent IDC Canada research found that only 17% of Canadian businesses have a full digital strategy in place, despite the fact that most know they need one. So what’s going on? One theory states that businesses may need to foster a digital culture first to know and agree on where and how to start their digital transformation. Here’s why.

4 Ways To Prepare For The Zero Moment Challenge
By Krishnan Chatterjee@kritisdad

Traditionally, marketing canvassed content and messaging across a wide spectrum of consumers to encourage them to visit the store and experience the product for the first time. But in this new era, that first moment no longer brings that spark of realization; it’s now all about the zero moment of truth.

Information Transformation At The Heart Of Digital Transformation — And Why The CIO Needs To Drive It
By Philip Carter@carter_pc

Although there are a number of organizations that have created new digital use cases, most struggle to connect these initiatives with core IT platforms and legacy systems. As a result, many of these initiatives have become islands of innovation that now need to be joined up and integrated with core digital initiatives. Sound familiar? Here’s what you can do about it.