Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [July 4, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Digital Transformation: Embracing The Art Of The Possible
By John Graham

IDC and SAP Canada recently revealed that only 17% of Canadian businesses have a solid digital plan in place, despite 96% acknowledging that they need one. That doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it? That’s maybe because the reasons executives are putting their business’s survival at stake, be it knowingly or unknowingly, are many and complicated.

The Digitalized Insurance Value Chain
By Geoffrey Weiss

The insurance industry is traditionally slow to innovate – and that’s a huge problem nowadays. More than half of all consumers research insurance brands online before choosing one to contact for a quote. Yet, 57% of all insurance companies do not facilitate digital connectivity. Will the insurance value chain ever be digitized to meet the needs of today’s digital customer?

Automation And The Future of Work: Are Management, Creative, And Administrative Jobs At Risk?
By Michael Rander

Robots and automation are traditionally associated with the displacement of more manual labor. However, the stark reality is that jobs across the workforce are at risk: Factory, construction workers, taxi drivers, and bookkeepers to name a few. Could managerial roles, creative jobs, and administrative functions be next?

How The Internet Of Things Is Turbocharging Developing Economies
By Kai Goerlich

Countries need more than IT and mobile networks to economically and socially improve. For the entire continent of Africa, its technological readiness, infrastructure, and education are especially low, according to the World Economic Forum. Could the Internet of Things help these countries leapfrog to the level they need to compete?

3 Ways To Convince Your Workforce To Stop Fearing Digital Transformation
By Paul Kurchina

While technology-enabled, the real change behind digital transformation is all about people: how they work, collaborate, and make decisions. And changing people is always harder than implementing new technology. But, it’s not impossible once everyone – including leadership, employees, and partners – accepts these three realities of our digital world.

Our Government’s Legitimacy Is In Danger
By Hein Keijzer

There are reasons why populist and eurosceptic parties have been gaining votes over the past years. The government must do everything within its power to win to rebuild confidence, and not just by fulfilling its basic tasks. But, is digital technology the answer?

Why Small And Midsize Businesses Need More Than Just Data To Act In The Moment
By Alison Biggan

Although a data-driven mindset and analytics are crucial to running a business, they only matter if you use them to look into the future, uncover emerging trends, and predict where the company is heading. Then – and only then – can you act in the moment, make thoughtful decisions in an instant, and serve customers in the moment of need.

Did Someone Press The Reset Button On Drucker’s Knowledge Economy?
By Dinesh Sharma

Is the age of the knowledge worker ending or is it simply the beginning of a new phase? The traditional rules of Peter Drucker’s knowledge economy are being replaced by the latest thinking around the digital economy. But is it possible that hyperconnectivity is absorbing some of the advantages typically assigned to the knowledge economy?

Blockchain: Myth, Distraction, Or Real Enabler?
By Kris Hansen

The financial services industry is enamoured with the blockchain, inundating us with documentaries, messaging, and magazines that explain how the world will be completely upended by this technology. Even though this topic is widely hyped, there are a number of untapped opportunities for the blockchain.

Why Neiman Marcus Makes It Easy To Snap-Find-Shop
By Ralf Kern

Even though shoppers increasingly prefer digital channels, they still want to view and try on clothing in the store. But what happens when customers know what they want but cannot put it into words? This is where mobile image recognition brings value: Pictures make product identification easier. And retailers, like Neiman Marcus, know it and are taking customer engagement to an entirely new level.