Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [June 27, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Three Factors Driving Business Agility
By Anja Reschke, @AnjaReschke

Why is business agility important in today’s digital era? Without it, you may be outwitted by swift new competitors that move into your industry. You might also risk becoming irrelevant.

The Internet Of Things And The Explosion Of Life At The Periphery [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Kai Goerlich, @KaiGoe

Most of us who have spent a lifetime in the traditional IT industry will find it difficult to consider how an ambient computing economy and society will operate and appear. Even millennials born into the age of smartphones will probably be surprised when the focus shifts from the phone as the primary device to other levels.

How Small And Midsize Businesses Run Live – Better Than Their Bigger Competitors
By Meaghan Sullivan@MeaghanSV

Many business owners are scratching their heads wondering how they can realistically achieve the transparency needed to run in the moment. Learn from these real-life examples of companies that are successfully making great progress in the quest to becoming a Live Business.

Why Companies Don’t Need Knowledge Workers Anymore
By Michael Rander, @michaelrander

Whether you are a knowledge worker and run an organization that employs a few, now is the time to consider their impact on overall goals and transition them into digital workers. If not, your competition surely will.

How The Digital Age Is Driving Auto Industry Transformation
By Chet Harter@ChetHarter

The automotive industry value chain is already in transition to a digital network. It’s already approaching the next-generation ecosystem. The logical prediction is that fairly soon, at least some vehicles will be driverless. Is there a downside to all this, and will it outweigh the upside?

10 Benefits Of Driver-Based Modeling
By Nilly Essaides@NEssaidesAFP

Facing greater market volatility, a fast-changing business environment, and a constant push from senior management to improve the planning process, more financial planning and analysis teams are incorporating driver-based modeling (DBM) into their forecasting methodology.

What Support Looks Like In The Era Of The Cloud And The Internet Of Things
By Fred Isbell, @fmisbell

Yes, digital transformation is front and center. But with it comes a need for simplification, not increased complexity. And on top of it, there’s an incredible explosion of data from a variety of places, including the fast-accelerating Internet of Things (IoT). What should businesses do?

Pssst … Workplace Robots Are Shaping Up To Create MORE Jobs
By Dinesh Sharma, @sharmad

Even though the reality of a fully autonomous, human-free enterprise is still a very long way off, there is still some concern that these new technologies will eventually replace many jobs. While this may be true, new jobs will be created based on a human-to-machine symbiosis that performs better than either entity by themselves. Here’s why.

Moving From Cloud Adoption To Cloud Integration
By Daniel Newman@danielnewmanUV

If one thing is true about technology in general, it’s that it’s constantly evolving into newer and better solutions. Cloud technology was once reserved for only the most cutting-edge businesses, but now any business that wants to remain competitive has adopted cloud technology. Now is the time to focus on cloud integration.

Internet Of Things: Where Is All The Data Going?
By Tim Clark@TClark01

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer happening in a galaxy far, far away. It’s happening right here, right now. It may be in your pocket, on your wrist, in your clothes – heck, it might even be helping you drive your car. What’s going to happen to all the data that’s being collected?