Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [June 20, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Why The Future of Analytics Is About More Than Self-Service
By Timo Elliott, @timoelliott

BI and analytics is booming. It’s yet again the #1 priority for CIOs this year, for the ninth time in 11 years. But the obvious question is: if it’s been such a priority for so long, why haven’t we fixed it yet?! Could it be that business expectations are outpacing technology innovation?

How To Catch Up In The Digital Transformation Race
By Paul Clark, @tawoo

Think it’s too late for any company to change course and succeed in today’s digital economy? Think again! New technology and innovative business models are cropping up everyday and changing the business landscape in multiple sectors, so there’s always something you can do about it.

Forget The Big Guys – Running A Live Business Matters Most To Small And Midsize Companies
By Hernan Marino, @HCMarino

For most small and midsize businesses,  every customer counts, every moment counts, and every shift in the market is an opportunity to grow and expand. To meet these market dynamics, all small and midsize companies must operate faster than their consumers – they must run as a Live Business.

Make Room For The Digital Finance Professional
By Srikanth Tamma

Digital finance is headed your way whether you want it or not. Why? Because the new workforce demands it and because, as legacy workers leave your workforce, they take with them know-how that today likely isn’t captured or codified in your existing systems and processes.

Welcome To The Machine (Learning) [VIDEO]
By Paul Taylor, @PaulTaylorNYC

Unlike the human brain, computers have historically suffered from a key limitation – they must follow the rules laid down by programmers. If it is not in the code, it does not compute. But advances in processing power, Big Data, and a technique called machine learning are now changing all that.

Keep Your Customers Happy: 6 Tips From E-Commerce Leaders
By Debbie Fletcher

Did you know that a social customer will tell an average of 42 people about a good experience, whereas that same customer will tell an average of 53 people about a bad one? Build loyalty and turn scathing complaints into glowing recommendations with advice from seasoned business and e-commerce leaders.

The Time For Real-Time Business Is Now
By Allan Adler

Is your business doomed to fail because it can’t possibly meet current customer expectations? If so, find out why your business leaders need to wrap their heads around using their data in real time – right now.

The Goldilocks’ Paradox: Is Your Digital Transformation Strategy Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right?
By Paul Kurchina, @PaulKurchina

Time is not on your side. You must map out a digital transformation path now that is “just right” enough to help your company evolve for an increasingly digital economy. Here’s how.

The Future Of Finance: Leading The Charge Toward New Business Models
By Estelle Lagorce@VanlierdeE

In any discussion about the future of finance, technology necessarily enters the conversation, and two key questions arise: How will it change this core business function? What will it mean for CFOs?

How The Chemical Industry Is Preparing For Sustainable Business Success
By Stefan Guertzgen

The most innovative chemical companies are focusing on understanding customers’ mindsets rather than simply relying on low prices to fuel growth. By understanding what customers truly want, these companies are using innovation and digital transformation to create distinctive new products and services.