Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [June 13, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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How Digital Transformation Is Enriching The Automotive Value Chain
By Chet Harter

Evolving technology melds the individual digital pillars of business into a lattice. What was isolation is now spanned by hyperconnectivity. Big Data changes the business pillars, resulting in a complete automotive value chain. Here’s the next version of digital transformation in the automotive industry.

Want Success In The Digital Economy? Turn Your Small Business Into A Live Business
By Penny Delgadillo Valencia@PennyDelgadillo

Operating a business from a live perspective is the key to driving success and adapting to changes along the way. And by uniting decision influencers and their data across the company with predictive, real-time analytics, there’s no limit to what a small and midsize business can accomplish. This is what digital transformation was always meant to be: A path to becoming a Live Business.

Three Ways The Internet Of Things Can Improve Citizens’ Lives
By Regina Kunkle@ReginaKunkle

As more “things” become connected and aware, governments can use analytics to add value for their citizens. Take a look at some scenarios where the Internet of Things can improve everyday life and how collaboration throughout any organization creates value.

How To Put Customers At The Center With Digital Transformation
By Derek Klobucher@DKlobucher

Things used to be done by hand with an overall focus on the bottom line. But as financial services organizations become Live Businesses, new technology is helping them put their customers at the center of what they do, as JPMorgan, Agaes, and BB&T prove.

Know Your Company’s Digital Transformation Coordinates
By Carsten Linz@CarstenLinz

Digital transformation is a business challenge, and how to manage digital transformation successfully is a frequently asked question these days. But are you clear as to who is in charge for the challenges ahead?

Data Hubs, Digital Tools Power Dynamic Change For Government Agencies
By Regina Kunkle@ReginaKunkle

There are several factors driving the digital transformation of government agencies. Although many public organizations are realizing some benefits, there is so much more potential. With information stored in connected data hubs, governments can remove the traditional siloed organizational structures. Here are a few examples to consider.

Digital Tools Allow Public Sector To Use Data To Drive Decisions, Better Serve Public
By Brian Roach@broachsap

Buenos Aires is just one example of how governments can leverage new technology to improve business processes. The city recently shifted to a centralized digital platform that is helping ministry employees collect, track, and prioritize needed work quickly.

Digitizing IT
By Allan Adler

The worlds of business and tech are blurring, and the level of disruption will only increase over the net five years. Check out this study that discusses how teams can work much more closely and cross-functionally to succeed and why digital-business laggards will be at tremendous risk.

The Uber Effect: What Happens When Big Data Makes Price Elasticity Transparent
By Shelly Dutton

Even though the law of demand is simple, setting the right price for your product or service can be one of the toughest things marketers do. This one decision can directly affect the business’ bottom line and dictate whether the business grows or ceases to exist. Or in Uber’s case,it can disrupt how consumers view the relationship between data and price elasticity.

Internet Of Things Drives New Business Models For Wholesale Distributors
By Karen Lynch

Wholesale distributors that leverage the Internet of Things can gain significant advantages on the competition. By understanding and leveraging the data they have and the partnerships they can forge, distributors are poised to find new revenue streams and better relationships with customers. The possibilities are endless.