Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [June 6, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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How Mobile Technology Impacts The HR Industry
By Meghan M. Biro, @MeghanMBiro

Businesses are already optimizing their use of mobile technology to reach their customers and to make their employees work lives more efficient, but there’s one area where they’re overlooking a huge opportunity: Human resources.

Life Science Companies Rethink Business Processes
By Jack Schmidt, @schmidtjack

Dramatic change is happening throughout the life sciences industry today. First, there is increasing regulatory emphasis on patient safety and transparency. There is also a growing demand for, and expectation of, personalized medicine. To build new innovation and operational excellence in this environment, life sciences companies need to change.

Digital Transformation In Discrete Manufacturing
By Stefan Krauss, @StefanKraussSAP

While technology is enabling companies to reconsider their businesses, the fundamentals remain relevant: how companies can grow the business and improve efficiency. The difference is that digital changes are critical to that growth.

This Is How Employee Engagement Is Changing [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Heather Huhman@heatherhuhman

There’s a lot of talk going around about the best ways to achieve and maintain employee engagement. But the truth is that there’s no one answer for every industry, organization, or employee. The real secret to employee engagement is keeping up with the latest trends that affect your company.

A Fitness Regime For Flexing The Purpose Muscle
By Julie Barrier@jbarrier

The thing about purpose is that it must be put into practice – it’s a promise that must be lived up to. And only those that have accomplished this – those that are the fittest for delivering on their purpose – made it into the top 100 index. Here’s a quick look at the criteria that Radley Yeldar (RY) Limited used to determine which brands are successfully putting purpose into practice.

3 Hidden Benefits Of 3D Printing
By Gil Perez

Many manufacturers are still looking at 3D printing as an all-or-nothing prospect, in which a product either can or cannot be cost-effectively produced through additive manufacturing. That’s a mistake. By thinking about additive manufacturing more creatively, companies can identify opportunities to leverage 3D printing in specific scenarios where they can gain competitive advantage.

The Benefits Of Allowing Employees To Build Personal Brands
By Roger Panetta@NimbleAtWork

Employees creating original content or commenting online is an opportunity to further intellectually engage, stretch themselves, and grow as leaders in their field. This growth is also beneficial to the employer as new relationships are formed, employees think of new ways to analyze and solve problems, and the company enhances its reputation having an emerging industry superstar as a member of their team.

Embracing New Pricing Models In The Age Of Disruption
By Matthias Barth

One way to stay innovative is to restructure outdated time and materials pricing models. While these simple models have worked well in the past, outcome-based models are the new standard. Consider how the transportation, legal, and consulting industries are making new models work for them.

Don’t Lose Your E-Commerce Customers To Amazon
By Anthony Leaper, @aleaper

Today’s customer journey is a long and winding road. Online consumers, in particular, often navigate between multiple channels and touch points in order to make purchases. But with other e-commerce retailers like Amazon already well-established in this area, what can your business do to stand out from the competition? More specifically, how can you beat Amazon at its own game?

Navy SEAL Leadership Secrets For Winning Disruption Battle
By Shelly Dutton

Digital disruption is inherently unpredictable and risky. Sudden changes in the marketplace, geopolitical environment, technology innovation, and customer behavior can occur at any time. Even internal disruptions – such as reorganizations, evolving management policies, and new leadership – are just as threatening. But how do you handle competitors that have a fluid, unpredictable structure you’ve never seen before?