Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [May 30, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Innovator Or Follower? Reimagined Processes Keep Distributors In The Lead
By Karen Lynch

Distribution companies are taking a fresh look at their key processes to stay ahead of competition. Here are some ways to approach this challenge.

Why Workplace Leadership Is About To Get Its First Major Makeover In 100 Years
By Mark Crowley

The stars are perfectly aligned to force a massive change in how we collectively seek to motivate human performance in the workplace. Here are three important reasons why leadership is about to be greatly transformed, why the change will be long sustained, and what key practices will redefine leadership.

The New Digital Healthcare Patient Experience
By Martin Kopp

Digitized healthcare has arrived, and it’s only going to get better. More than three-quarters of all patients expect to use digital services in the future – that is, if they are not using them already. Check out this new trend is making consumers more informed and proactive.

Digital Transformation Needs More Than Technology
By Andreas Hauser, @HauserAndreas

Technology trends like hyper-connectivity, Big Data, cloud, Internet of Things, and security provide new opportunities for companies to re-imagine their business and how they engage with their customers and users. But what happens if you develop an amazing technical solution that people cannot use?

How Digital Supply Chains Are Changing Business
By Dominik Erlebach

The right digital tools are key to develop an extended, fast supply chain process. But ultimately, everything comes down to the efficient use of data in decision making and communication – improving overall business performance and opening a whole new world of opportunities and competitive differentiation.

The Internet of Things: Turning $3 Lightbulbs Into A $60 Billion Opportunity
By Shelly Dutton

Will innovations enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) make our lives safer, simpler, healthier, and more environmentally responsible? Only time will tell. But on rare occasions, an innovation comes along that immediately transforms our world. This is the case for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lighting, which is turning a $3 commodity into a $60 billion opportunity.

How Big Data Is Changing The News Industry
By Maggie Chan Jones, @maggiecj
In the runup to the U.S. presidential election, newsrooms are working at a fever pitch. But if we slow down a minute to take a closer look at modern-day news organizations, we might ask ourselves: Can they really provide accurate, unbiased information on current events at Twitter speed?

More Resources, More Problems
By Danielle Beurteaux

Second of a two-part series on resource volatility, this post lists resources that are related to environmental concerns, such as Indonesia’s palm oil production industry, or community organization for water rights in Chile. And, of course, whatever China does, the markets follow.

The #1 Reason People Leave A Job Might Surprise You
By Meghan M. Biro@MeghanMBiro

Do you know the number-one reason employees leave a job? It isn’t because of their title, salary, or workload. They leave because of their managers. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It makes sense, and we have the research to prove it.

How Big Data And IoT Are Transforming How We Buy And Drive Cars
By Larry Stolle

Car and truck companies are embracing the full potential of Big Data/IoT technologies. Modern digital technology within the automotive sector has already produced some stunning results. And there is more in store for consumers and the industry.