Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [May 23, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Unlock Your Digital Super Powers: How Digitization Helps Companies Be Live Businesses
By Erik Marcade and Fawn Fitter

Digitizing business processes is key to ensuring that the business can deliver relevant, personalized responses to the market in real time. And that, in turn, is the foundation of the Live Business – a business able to coordinate multiple functions to respond to and even anticipate customer demand at any moment.

Why Netflix Went From DVD Services To Internet Streaming
By Ruud Willemsen, @rpjwillemsen

Content is key! And it should be accessible from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Business networks are the Netflix for companies. They can bring together different consumer marketplaces like Ebay, and make it easy for employees to find what they need, even from their mobile device.

Top Tech Partnerships Transforming The IT Industry
By Kevin Ichhpurani, @Ichhpurani

The recent unprecedented partnership announcement between SAP and Apple is just the latest in a string of game-changing partnerships and mergers in the tech industry. Driven by the relentless pace of innovation, the technology sector is only one of numerous industries that are moving quickly to ensure they stay relevant.

Digital Transformation Lessons From The Navy SEALS
By Chris Fussell, @FussellChris

The disruption that is a hallmark of our new environment may be challenging, but the digital age also provides incredible opportunities to move faster—and fewer excuses to not communicate more. See how these lessons from the battlefield can give your organization the power to decentralize to the front lines, where speed of execution is more critical than ever.

Skills For Digital Transformation: Start Your Learning Journey Now
By Bernd Welz, @BerndWelz

The digital economy is a new market reality that is redefining everything, providing infinite opportunities for value creation but also challenges for many. So what must you do to ensure that you and your company’s workforce are well prepared to cope with future requirements?

Why A Digital Core Is Your Secret Path To Digital Transformation Success
By Thorsten Haas, @haas_thorsten

While most CEOs agree that digital transformation is critical, 70% of relevant initiatives will fail. The problem is not their people, processes, and tools. Instead, they are missing a critical piece to the overall digital puzzle: A digital core that supports the people, processes, and tools enabling and sustaining digital transformation.

Luis Iván Cuende: Bitcoin Blockchain Entrepreneur
By Stephanie Overby

Having no access to capital, equipment, or collaborators in his native Oviedo, Spain, Luis Iván Cuende gravitated toward the first thing he could get his three-year-old hands on: one of his software-engineer father’s old computers. But now, as a 20-year-old CTO of Stampery, he’s becoming a living example for every entrepreneur.

The Internet Of Things That Matter: Integrating Smart Cities With Smart Agriculture
By Hu Yoshida

While a lot of technology and innovation is focused on urban transportation, energy, healthcare, waste management, and carbon emissions; some companies are also focused on agriculture and the ability to feed these billions of people. Get a glimpse of the digital (r)evolution in agriculture.

How Software And The Cloud Will Change Business Technology
By Daniel Newman, @danielnewmanUV

We’re reaching the physical limit of transistors that can be placed on current microprocessor chips without causing the chip to malfunction. Rather than innovating the hardware and letting software follow, researchers are reversing the trend, focusing on designing software and systems that don’t depend on new hardware.

The Core Reason Leadership Approaches To Employee Engagement Fail
By Kate Nasser

Leaders want to engage employees of all levels to commit, give their all, be reliable, and perform well. Entrepreneurs, solo business owners, HR leaders, department directors, line managers, and team leaders all face the same employee engagement challenges and can fall into the same trap. Why do employee engagement efforts fail?