Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [May 16, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Live Business: The Rise Of The Digital Workforce
By Michael Rander, @michaelrander

Because the rise of the digital worker dramatically impacts the way we work, learn, hire, retain, manage, and make decisions, the future of work is linked intrinsically to the future of Live Business. See how this approach can transform how you deal with customers, vendors, employees, partners, and competitors.

Live Business: The Digitization Of Everything
By Dinesh Sharma, @sharmad

Some areas of the economy are seeing fast and disruptive changes, while others are changing slowly and steadily. In either case, there’s no going back. Take a look how the world is evolving into a huge information system.

Supplier Collaboration And The Art Of The Network: It’s Time For A Digital Revolution
By Alex Atzberger, @aatzberger

Improving supplier collaboration is not just a matter of making information more accessible and sharing it across a wider audience of users. It’s about tapping into the network effect and connecting buyers and sellers to a digital marketplace that adds value to all participants.

The Supply Chain Goes Digital: Opportunities And Challenges
By Richard Howells, @howellsrichard

The digital economy is transforming how we live and work, how business runs, and how society functions – all in a timeframe that is much shorter than any other major economic transition in history. To achieve digital supply chain success, you’ll want to make strides toward these four goals.

3 Ways Reimagining Your Business Model Can Generate New Revenue
By Karen Lynch

Wholesale distributors can no longer survive by breaking bulk to give customers the quantity of product they need and relying on great, legacy customer relationships. To stay competitive, the time to digitally transform is now. Here are three way you can yield new revenue and profit sources.

How Can You Sell Air? As a Service, Of Course
By Paul Clark, @tawoo

How do you sell something that’s intangible? As a service, of course! Even well established, traditional enterprises are innovating their business models to completely change how they provide products or outcomes to their customers. Could the “as-a-service” model be your ticket to success?

Segment Of One: Using Predictive Analytics To Tailor Custom Experiences
By Michael Klaes

Whether they are in store and ready to buy or just doing some online research, consumers demand a tailored “just-for-me” experience. They are mobile, connected, and for the most part, well-informed. And these expectations extend beyond the consumer; they are equally true for business-to-business interactions.

Are You A Digital Leader? If Not, You Better Become One!
By Michael Rander, @michaelrander

Brands characterized as digital leaders are standing out from the pack. Find out what these qualities are and how you can embrace them to make every manager, employee, customer, and shareholder take notice.

Which Comes First For Small And Midsize Enterprises – Digital Transformation Or High-Revenue Growth?
By Hernan Marino, @HCMarino

The interconnected global economy has created new opportunities to small and midsize businesses that never existed before. Some firms are not only growing, but they are disrupting entire industries and overtaking established leaders. Their secret? It’s this one clear and simple approach.

How Data Analytics Is Changing The NHL Fan Experience
By Glen McCollum, @GlenMcCollum

Hockey fans expect hard hits, last-minute game-winning shots, and everything else that makes the sport so exciting. But no one saw this coming: Analytics that is positioning the sport to soaring popularity and turning fans into real winners.