Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [May 9, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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3 Social Media Trends for Small Businesses #DreamSmallBiz
By Ursula Ringham@Ursula_Ringham

For small businesses, it’s tough to cut through the noise to market your product and gain the attention of customers. Social media, however, is the easiest and cheapest way for small businesses to level the playing field and compete with companies of all sizes especially when you follow these tips.

Mobile Industry Is Now Simpler Than Ever
By Kevin Ichhpurani

Developments are revolutionizing enterprise applications by allowing developers, partners, and customers to build native iOS apps tailored to their business needs to manage critical business operations. Find out how a rich, secure, and powerful digital experience can lead to meaningful engagements with personalized, targeted content.

The Automotive Industry’s New Digital Transformation
By Holger Masser@holgermasser

With the advent of digital technology, today’s ideas go from drawing board to production in months rather than decades. More efficient production processes are just one element that is transforming the auto industry. These new digital business models are disrupting the traditional the linear business models of yesterday.

Business Intelligence: The Difference Between Clever And Wise
By Andreas Krause

It’s been said that “a clever person solves a problem, but a wise person avoids it.” Which one are you? Many of us are clever. Few are truly wise – particularly when it comes to business intelligence itself. (Ironic isn’t it?)

Change Is The New Normal In Life Sciences
By Susan Rafizadeh@Susan_Rafizadeh

True transformation in life sciences will not come from small incremental improvements, but rather from finding innovative ways to do things fundamentally differently. The game has already started. Here just a few possible front-runners.

The Promise Of Technology: How Small And Midsize Businesses Adopt It And Transform With It
By Rinse Tamsma@rinsetamsma

A recent IDC survey revealed that a considerable number of small and midsize businesses are realizing benefits from digital transformation. While the study’s findings are encouraging, one question still comes to mind: What happens to those that are not undergoing their own digital transformation?

If The Future Is Digital – Why Are You Chained To The Past?
By Paul Clark@tawoo

Traditional value chains, supply chains, or even outdated chains of command could be holding your company back. Even if they are not broken, these established methods simply can’t respond quickly or effectively enough to the variety of complex demands placed on businesses today. Here are some insights that can help make a case for fundamentally changing your business models and partnerships.

Reimagining The Future: The Journey To Digital Transformation
By Fred Isbell@fmisbell

The term “digital economy” is now 20 years old! And every business is trying to figure out how to take advantage of this new world of  “everything as a service,” shifting towards a consumption paradigm and away from traditional product and purchase models. Consider these ideas that can help you foster the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring innovation to fruition.

Sustainability Brings Rewards To The Paper And Packaging Industries
By Jennifer Scholze@JenScholze

As we become more aware of the problems associated with modern lifestyles, businesses of all types are flocking to catch up. And this is certainly impacting the paper products and packaging industries as much as any other. What does this mean for the industry’s future?

Predictive Maintenance Keeps Industry 4.0 Up And Running
By Johannes Papst

According to SAP Service Council Data 2013, as much as 90% of the total lifetime cost of heavy equipment is in maintenance and repair. Technology can cut costs through predictive maintenance and emerging issue detection. Could this be your answer to positively impacting profitability and customer service?