Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [May 2, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Collaborative Networks At Forefront Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution
By Patrick Lamm

The Internet of Things is the next step in this modern industrial revolution – and industrial machinery and components (IM&C) companies are behind this monumental shift. By bringing intelligent, connected equipment to all industries, IM&C companies are redefining an industry with four different business networks.

Why Partnerships Matter In The Digital Economy
By Anja Reschke@AnjaReschke

Partnerships are becoming increasingly important in the digital economy as business models evolve and product innovations demand expertise from other industries. Read how you can partner effectively to cross industry boundaries and bring innovative digital products to market more quickly and efficiently.

Digital Transformation Will Happen To You: 5 Things You Must Do To Prepare
By Paul Kurchina@PaulKurchina

If there is anything that these businesses have taught us, it’s the inevitability of change and disruption. If your business is going to survive, you need to embrace it now. These five steps can get you on your way.

How The Digital Economy Is Reinventing The Business World
By Paul Clark@tawoo

Is your industry being digitally disrupted? If so, you’re not along. Check out these useful insights and tips to help your business move beyond the digital enterprise and become successful in the expanding digital economy.

Digital Transformation: A Reality Check For Small And Midsize Businesses
By Pedro Patricio

How deep and connected does your digital transformation need to be? The world is going digital – regardless of a company’s size, industry, and location. Small and midsize business start growing, competing, and succeeding in a digital world economy if they do these six things.

Business Intelligence: The Difference Between Clever And Wise
By Andreas Krause@andr_krause

Business colleagues become frustrated when a simple tweak to a dashboard takes days, weeks, or months to complete. Likewise, IT struggles to keep pace with daily demands  while juggling requests for business intelligence reports that can’t possibly be created on time. It’s not a wise move for the business or the IT department. There is a better way.

Customer-Centricity: A Home Run For Your Supply Chain
By Warren Miller

What makes baseball so great is the strategy that’s involved. Manufacturing runs and winning games can be achieved through various means, from laying down a sacrifice bunt to pinch-hitting for a sub-par batter. Supply chain is similar in many ways, but your organization’s strategy should round the bases by putting customers at the core of your operations. Here’s how.

How To Bathe A Dinosaur: Why Analytics Could Safeguard 90% Of The Success Of IoT [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Iver van de Zand@IvervandeZand

Maximize benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) by combining insights generated from your IoT-enabled applications. To add value to the economic impact of interoperable IoT applications, you should introduce the concept of settings.

Digital Transformation: Technology, Vision, And Data
By Chet Harter

Would Henry Ford have ever envisioned the transportation industry we have today? And no, we’re not talking about self-driving cars. It’s the interactive technologies that are changing how people interact, grow, and even learn – influencing how automakers design, manufacture, distribute, and service  their vehicles.

Digital Is Your Business: The Case For New Business Models
By Geoff Scott@gscott16

Which are you: the disruptor or disrupted? In our new digital reality, first-mover advantage is proving to be more essential than it has ever been. Those who can most effectively and efficiently reimagine their core business models will be the ones that set the pace for the rest of us to follow.